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Lowe’s Consumer Credit Account – What You Need to Know and How to Apply for Your Card

Are you thinking about going through the application process for the Lowe’s Consumer Credit Card? The card will give you three options. It is up to you to choose which option you want to go with. The drawback here is when you choose one option, you do not get any of the others.

 The point is to choose wisely. Below you will find the three options available to you. The more you know about each option, the better your choice will be. The 5% Off on purchases each day you shop. You will get 5% back on any purchase you make. You do have to read the fine print on this when doing the application process. It cannot be used with a coupon. It cannot be used with a military discount. You have to use one or the other.It is not valid on gift card products. It is not available on previous orders. You cannot use this in conjunction with the employee discount. You also cannot use this with the lowest-match price offers.

An Example:

Brad goes into the store and he finds the item he needs. He talks to the sales clerk and she matches the price being offered at another location. He goes to apply for the Lowe’s Consumer Credit Card and picks the 5% back option. He will have to choose between the two. Lowe’s considers this equal to “having your cake and eating it too”. There is the 12-18 months special financing. Any order ranging from $299-998 is good for the 12-month option. Any order $999 and higher is good for the 18-month financing option. You will have to read the fine print on this one too.

Special Project Financing Options

In order to get the “no interest” option, you have to pay it off in the 12-18 month period. The APR for unpaid bills can be as high as 26% or more. It is going to be a rather unpleasant surprise for many of you who pick this option. This option looks good on paper only. It is better to pick this option when you are 100% sure you can have it all paid off during the 12-18 month period.  The Special Project Financing option may be a possibility.Are you going to be undertaking a major remodeling at home? This is why this option is there. Your purchase has to be in the neighborhood of $2,000 or more. Some appliances are going to cost this much by themselves. Spending $2,000 is not going to be an issue for some of you.

Your Choices with the Special Financing Option

You can get fixed payment for $3.99 APR each month for 36 months. You can extend it to 60 months for $5.00 per month. The last option is 84 months at $7.99 fixed APR. You better read the fine print with this one too. There may be some exclusions that apply. The fine print outlines certain provisions and exclusions for each kind of offer.It is in your best interest to read over everything. Most stores like Lowe’s count on their customers not reading over everything. This way they can get by with certain things.

The New Cards Versus the Old Ones

The customer service did not use to have the “warm and fuzzy” feeling about them. According to many who have used the newer Lowe’s cards, they have made some remarkable improvement on their customer service. How many of you have bad credit? Qualifying for this card may be easier than you think. The rules are not as “strict” as they are with general credit cards. A Lowe’s card is a good way to build up some credit for those who do not have an excellent rating.