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Best Cash Back Credit Cards – How to Maximize Cash Back Rewards with Credit Card Stacking

People are always looking for a great way to get cash back through bonuses, rebates, and other great discounts. While most people don’t think of credit cards to get money back, they can give people a significant amount of cash back bonuses if they are used properly.

As one of the better incentives available to consumers, there are great credit card companies that specifically cater to a consumer that wants cash back bonuses as an incentive to use their credit card for everyday purchases.

What are Cash Back Credit Cards

While most people are familiar with how much money credit cards can cost them to borrow money and how well their credit cards can help build and maintain good credit, some credit card owners are less familiar with cash back credit card companies. Like shopping for a loan, mortgage or credit line, consumers who shop around for their best credit card options are usually the ones who get the best deals. This includes getting credit cards with cash back incentives. Many credit card companies boast having great low-interest rates, while others offer bonus miles or other incentives for consumers in order to get them to use their product. But one of the best options for a consumer is to find a credit card company that offers low-interest rates and cash back on their purchases.

Cash Back Cards Have Great Rewards

While this may seem to be insignificant, the cash back bonuses can amount to a decent amount of cash back to a consumer over a one-year time span. This is especially true if the credit card is used for everyday living items such as groceries and gas purchases each month.Cash Back Credit cards, offer consumers a percentage of their purchase amount back in the form of a rebated cash credit. The difference between cash back with a credit card is, with cash back on a credit card there are no coupons needed and no rebates obtained via the mail. Instead, there is an automatic cash back amount given via a statement credit at the end of each month. These cash back amounts on these cards usually vary between 1% to 5% back on basic credit purchases. Over time buying this way can act like a savings account for consumers if they use it on everyday purchases.

What is Credit Card Stacking?

One of the best ways to ensure that a person gets a sizable amount of money back on everyday purchases is through a process called card stacking. Credit Card Stacking is the process of using multiple credit cards with cash back bonuses for all basic purchases.If a person has a credit limit of $750 on a credit card that offers cash back bonuses and another credit card with a credit limit of $1,000, each of these credit cards can be “stacked” together to offer the consumer up to $1,750 per month in buying power with cash back availability. By using this form of card stacking for purchases, it allows a consumer to get up to 5% back on up to $1,750 per month for their credit card purchases. As an example, if a consumer averages a bonus benefit for $1,750 at an average of 3% back, there is an average monthly cash back credit of $52.50 per month with an annual cash back amount of $630 per year.

Credit Score Impacts Benefits

The best credit card deals are usually for people who have good or excellent credit. The most important part of ensuring the rewards are consistent, everyday purchases for cash back such as on gas and grocery purchases are the most consistent way to get bonuses back each month. It is recommended that the consumer who chooses card stacking to try to pay off the credit card amount due each month so they can continue to use the same amount of credit the next month to get the cash back on their purchases which continues the bonus cash credit amount each month.